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Q. Why do you strongly recommend removing the refillable gas tank from the boat when refilling it?

A. The recommended Butane based gases are invisible in air and denser than air. The refilling process involves some spillage of gas which, if carried out in the boat could ignite when the boiler is re-lit.

Q.  Tank will not receive gas from supply tank or the tank seems to be only partially filled i.e. duration of burn time short.

A. Gas valve closed when refilling – check the filling instructions supplied.

Q. Liquid gas discharging from Ronson valve during refill.

A. Ensure correct alignment of fill adaptor and refillable gas tank is on a firm base - check the filling instructions supplied.

Q. Boiler performance reduces on using a new master gas tank.

A. Change of gas quality between master tanks – re-calibrate the burner.