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Q. What is the purpose of an oil trap.

A. It separates the oil from the steam in the exhaust gases of the engine, allowing the oil to be disposed of carefully and the cleaned steam to be exhausted to the atmosphere. For good reasons, this is required by environmental agencies.

Q. In your steam plants why do you discharge exhaust steam out the side of the boat rather than through the boiler stack?

A. We did initially – it made the boat look authentic when running - BUT it also resulted in “gunk” accumulating in the boiler at the bottom of the stack and ultimately rendering the boiler useless. Our lesson was that high temperature exhaust gases and lower temperature exhaust steam should not be mixed.

Q. Excess oil or water in exhaust steam

A. Either the oil trap is full and should be emptied with the syringe supplied or the boiler is over filled. If occurring during start-up in cold conditions the oil trap should be emptied when the engine has warmed up.