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"Miniature Steam” is offering a special service for customers that want to use “Miniature Steam” components to build a steam plant for their specific situation.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements. If your request is feasible we will provide you with a firm quote for the work additional to the cost of the standard components. This would include the design and manufacture of a special mounting tray if that is required.
Some examples of recent work follow:


MSM 4" Boiler Steam Plant with Stuart D10

"Miniature Steam” 4" Boiler Steam plant with Stuart D10 Engine.



Clyde twin cylinder oscillator powered by a 3" horizontal boiler & fitted with steam whistle

Dual Clyde oscillating engines powered by a 4" boiler, with dual input oil trap and horizontal refillable gas tank.

Mildura twin cylinder slide valve engine with RC reversing control, marine flywheel & oil trap, powered by a 4" horizontal boiler with horizontal refillable gas tank

Imara single screw boat with a 3" horizontal boiler steam plant, boiler feed pump and water tank, powering a "Clyde" twin cylinder oscillating engine.

Echuca single cylinder slide valve engine with marine flywheel, oil trap, vertical gas tank, and 3" boiler with lagging installed.


Steam Manifold for powering three engines from one boiler