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Q. What are “Model Steam Marine (MSM) Products”?

A. Model steam boilers, steam engines, refillable gas tanks and oil traps specifically designed for powering model boats.

Q. Why specify “model marine”?

A. The space available in most model boats is limited and they require small but efficient steam components to power them effectively. Modelers take pride in their boat building skills and we provide the specialist steam equipment and advice to match this pride. Using electric RC power for model boats is common and can be enjoyable but not to the extent of setting up and running a RC controlled steam powered model.

Q. What about non-marine applications?

A. The MSM engines and boilers are perfect for non-marine (static) applications like powering a dynamo to run a model round-about or lighting chain. However, the static installations may not need the compact refillable gas tanks and oil traps. These are sized to enable a marine use session run time of about 20 minutes before being landed for maintenance i.e. refill the gas tank and boiler, empty the oil trap, lubricate the moving parts of the engine and drain and top up the lubricator. In a static installation, session running times can easily be extended; the boiler can be refilled by a small water pump while still generating steam, larger capacity disposable gas tanks can replace the refillable version and larger oil traps can be fitted.