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5009 Clyde Twin Cylinder Oscillating Engine - Assembled



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5009 Clyde Twin Cylinder Oscillating Engine - Assembled

Clyde - a twin cylinder 11 x 11 mm bore/stroke, very powerful twin cylinder oscillating engine with built in reversing and speed control that will operate comfortably with steam pressures up to 60 psi. Suitable to power boats up to 1.1 meters long. (Caldercraft: Imara, Marie Felling & Resolve)


Weight - 390 gms
Length - 90 mm
Height - 85 mm
Width including displacement lubricator - 80 mm.
Available as fully assembled engine or self assembly kit as shown.
Matched to a
"Miniature Steam"3” Boilers”

            Imara                               Marie Felling                             Resolve

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