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4082 Imara Twin Screw Steam Plant




4082 Imara Twin Screw Steam Plant

4082 Imara Twin Engine Steam Plant
MSM 4" horizontal boiler complete with cast ceramic burner
Twin Clyde oscillating engines.
2" Horizontal refillable gas tank
Twin engine exhaust steam oil trap
Tray size: 152 x 300.
Distance between engine centers: 125mm
We are prepared to custom build a tray and pipework for different engine spacing.

Video of steam plant installed and working

Video clip of a Caldercraft “Imara Twin Screw” boat powered by a Miniature Steam twin Clyde engine steam plant.

Note the different propeller speeds and rotation direction for each screw that can be achieved with two servos.

The boiler used is a Miniature Steam 4” horizontal.

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