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4033 Steam Plant - Assembled - 2" Vertical "Economy" Boiler - Tyne Engine




4033 Steam Plant - Assembled - 2" Vertical "Economy" Boiler - Tyne Engine

TYNE 2" Vertical "Economy" Boiler Steam Plant P/N 4033

Steam Plant comes with:
Tyne Steam engine P/N 5045
Exhaust oil trap P/N 4062
2" Copper High Performance Boiler P/N 4056
Refillable gas tank with pressure test certificate. P/N 4271
Gas filler adapter P/N 4358
Brass mounting tray P/N 2737
Gas & steam pipe work
Syringe for emptying oil trap

Steam Plant Specifications:
Weight dry                             1.26 kg
Tray Size                      85 x 150 mm
Total length                            90 mm
Total width                             85 mm
Height to top of boiler cone    140 mm
Height to top of flue               200 mm

Boiler specifications:
Diameter                               2” 50.8 mm
Boiler water capacity                 65 ml
Working pressure                     40 psi  2.72 Bar
Running time Approx.               15 min
Boiler specification meets AS 4343 hazard level E
& AMBSC Code Part 3 issue 2 – 2017, Sub-Miniature Boilers

              Copper Boiler includes:
                       Pressure gauge
                       Safety valve
                       Water sight glass
                       Gas fired cast ceramic burner
                       Pressure test certificate

Engine specification:
Bore/stroke                       11 x 11 mm  Double acting single cylinder oscillating steam engine
Engine control                   Manual setting of steam cock at the displacement lubricator
Displacement Lubricator     Included
Engine shaft                      5mm dia.